Executive Director – Melissa Estain

“Working with residents in a skilled nursing setting is my passion. I enjoy that I am able to provide not only long-term care but also short-term rehab, and that I get to connect with so many people on a daily basis. When I am at work it feels like home.”

Director of Nursing Services – Lynn Loomis

“I have been in the healthcare industry more than 22 years and have remained in the industry because I enjoy working with the elderly. I love hearing their stories and learning about their lives. Each day is a new learning opportunity that helps me grow not only professionally but personally. I am thankful every day that I chose nursing as my career.”

Business Office Manager – Heidi Austin

“Being around people and the elderly is so fulfilling. I am happy to help residents and their families during this time to ensure a positive transition. There is never one day that is the same, and I always have a variety of residents that make me smile.”

Social Services and Admissions – Aubree Meyer

“I love being apart of a community and helping those around me. Working the healthcare field, I am able to make a significant difference in people’s lives. It only takes one act of kindness to make a difference in someone’s life and I strive to do that.”

Director of Rehabilitation – Robyn Klaboe

“The older population, in general, are very hard working and appreciative. I always end my day feeling I made a difference in someone’s life and had a positive impact.”